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Is your Curriculum Vitae helping you to move forward... or holding you back?

Writing your Curriculum Vitae or CV can be a nightmare, furthermore trying to find out how to write a CV that will lead to that successful job application is often more of challenge than it may seem. What should your CV include and what can you leave out - what order should it all go in - why is it so difficult to get the format looking good and how on earth can you get everything onto two pages!

Keeping your CV up to date is also an unwelcome chore when time is precious; the free Curriculum Vitae template packages available are all pretty well impossible to adapt, and provide no useful guidance about how to describe your experience so that your CV will appeal to professional recruiters.

The help you need is at hand! Judith Ludovino, a recruitment specialist since 1984, launched The Quality CV Company in 1997 to provide professional CV writing services to individuals wanting to take and maintain control of their career and lifestyle. You can now benefit from these 20 years of practical experience with Judith's CV template packages and guidance notes on how to write a CV.

Judith has been invited to talk about CV preparation on both BBC Radio 4 and BBC TV during 2005.

"I just wanted to let you know that my new CV is working wonders."
Press Consultant, London

"Having been promoted rapidly to a senior management position and looking outside for another role, I was struggling to present myself at a "senior" level. My new CV made me feel like a senior manager and my new position has brought a 48% salary increase"
Member Relations Manager, Hampshire

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